Join the Fam.

Our mission is to unite people through designing and curating environments that provoke emotions that connect a purpose and propel growth deep with in.

Artist will have the an opportunity to connect with a hive of artists for the purpose of artistic evolution.


Open Spot. Graphic Designer

Creative freedom of building design concepts and solutions in order to elevate our foundation.

Creating next Next Level multimedia design and production for advertising and collateral campaigns and initiatives.

Make sure that ETHICAL Codes are followed!

Sick eye for Design.

Your Work will Speak for Itself!

Open Spot. Creative Revenue Generator

Analyze company values and operations to understand marketing needs.

Conduct research to identify industry trends, current and future, to leverage the information in order to create opportunities.

Develop Dope forward thinking marketing strategies to implement Disruptive Campaigns.


Advise on branding, positioning, and communications.

Develop and nurture long term relationships with in-house family and external family.

Track and evaluate the ROI/KPI in relation to marketing initiatives.

Make sure that ETHICAL Codes are followed!

Keep connected to the streets in order to provide insights.

Creative thoughts are always Invited!

References will speak for itself!


Open Spot. Creative Assistant

Manage available resources, optimizing schedule and talent usage to minimize impact on cost whenever possible

Establish and grow the brand’s relationships with new talent .

Source talent, manage bookings, negotiate usage and costs within budget.

Collaborate with all Studio and Sample teams, photo shoot talent, Producer and Director of Creative Production & Studio Ops

Organize EQ and delivery contracts for e commerce shoots.

Make sure that ETHICAL Codes are followed!

Energy Connection!

Open Spot. Content Creator/Editor

Developing various stories and content ideas to help set and editorial direction for our organization.

Recruiting and managing a pipeline of talented freelance writers, volunteer contributors and videographers.

Developing innovative layouts and design for content and digital layout.

Working with team to develop editorial themes that are aligned with our mission and the organization's visions.

Engaging with press and media outlets .

Thinking about new products and technologies the organization can leverage to advance the reach and scale of its content

Managing the development and allocation of editorial budget based on project.

Newsletter creation and dissemination

Social media posting and engagement with additional support from other team members

Make sure that ETHICAL Codes are followed!

Your Work will SPEAK for Itself!